dorarigautruc takes its inspiration from two controversial personalities; french „suicide“ dadaist Jacques Rigaut and Californian surf legend Miki Dora. Each in his own time, they visited the village of Guethary on the „côte basque“ in south-western France; Rigaut as a guest of fellow artist Man Ray, Miki Dora on his quest for the perfect wave and, later in his life, to avoid the police in … dorarigautruc weiterlesen

Folded Verticals

„Verticals“ is a series of drippings. The colour is brought on the canvas by dripping. The figures are defined by gravity and capillary. By slightly tilting the canvas, different directions are made possible. Figures include gherkins, boards and breads. „Folded Verticals“ are „verticals“ that have been folded once or twice. Folded Verticals weiterlesen